Cornwall Road, Harrogate

Development Proposals

Harrogate Borough Council needs to plan for more homes to be built over the next 15 to 20 years and is looking for additional land to meet local housing needs. 

The Duchy of Lancaster has responded to the need to boost land supply by putting forward land at Cornwall Road as a suitable site.

Illustrative masterplan

Based upon the Ordnance Survey Map with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. © Crown Copyright. 100001776
Click the illustrative masterplan or this link to view a larger version.

The site is just over 13 hectares and is located on the western side of Harrogate in an area identified in the Core Strategy as being potentially suitable for new housing.  The site is located in a highly sustainable location being a pleasant walk/cycle ride from the centre of Harrogate and from bus services.

Extensive technical work has been undertaken and  consultation with key stakeholders has influenced the preparation of the illustrative masterplan for the site (shown above).  This shows how the site can accommodate up to  165 new homes with a mix of sizes, types and tenures, reflecting the Duchy style and garden city inspired homes.  

Around 35% of the site would be open space and green corridors providing opportunities for wildlife and generous tree planting.  It includes improved playing pitches that meet Sport England junior standards and a new pavilion.  Development of the site also offers the opportunity to provide a new safe vehicular access to the Girl Guide Centre. There would be significant investment towards local infrastructure and facilities such as recreation, transport and education.

The development will be subject to stringent control by the Duchy to ensure that it integrates with the existing Duchy Estate and sympathetically completes the edge of the town. 



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